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When I first touched clay I was drawn to it immediately. The clays personality comes alive in my hands. As I worked the clay it would silently suggest the coarse of action I should take. I only had to listen and respond. I am drawn to the Earth in the same way. I listen to the rocks as their personalities and stories unfold beneath my hands and feet. I respond to the textures that show me their beginnings, ages, and trials. 
I am fascinated by the human tendency of personification and storytelling. To this extent, I wish to give my sculptures life by portraying emotional conflicts and personality traits I find in rock formations. These ultimately help me to better understand people in my own life as well as myself. 

Born and raised in rural Missouri, I grew up with a deep apprectiation for the land and natural resources. My earliest memories were playing in the natural clay surounding my house, and my father pointing out different types of soil compositions and their uses.

I obtained my Bachelor of Arts degree from College of the Ozarks in 2016. It was during my undergratuate years I developed a love for hiking, deepening my appreciation for Mother Earth.

Currently, I explore different regions around the world and how cultures are tied to rocks and minerals.

CV available upon request.